Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Popular Attempts To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Which cellulite treatments work best to get rid of cellulite? That's a never ending matter of discussion among the various makers of cellulite products available today. And, with so many options available it seems the average cellulite sufferer is more confused than ever before.

It comes as no surprise because if all the cellulite products performed as promised, we'd all be displaying our firm, gorgeous legs as much as possible. We'd look for any and every excuse to take a trip to the beach!

Unfortunately for most women, the cellulite treatments they are relying on aren't producing results for them. If this sounds like your problem, you should know which treatments have the greatest chance of working for you.

Among the most recent developments in treating cellulite is clothing and related items. These are popular because they're not expensive and claim great results. Such products include compression hosiery, cellulite shorts and even specially designed shoes. But you may be wondering, do they actually fight cellulite?

Like numerous cellulite remedies on the market, these sorts of products rarely work for any length of time. While they can produce short-term reductions in the appearance of cellulite, don't expect them to provide a final solution.

Compression hosiery works to camouflage cellulite on the legs while keeping the skin tight. For a firm look under clothing it can provide the appearance of firmness and serve as a confidence booster. Just understand that the improvement is only short-term and the cellulite will come back as soon as the hosiery comes off. Of course, this tactic is nothing new as women have been wearing control-top undergarments for some time.

Cellulite-fighting shorts are popular and work on the idea that the snug garment will push cellulite-fighting cream into the skin and produce positive results. Of course this is merely a variation on using anti cellulite creams and you should expect the same outcome.

Probably the most unique cellulite reducing item would have to be a pair of shoes. Special shoes designed to improve posture and fight cellulite on your legs as you walk are being marketed as a remedy for cellulite. While it's true that walking is more difficult in this type of shoe and your legs will get a better workout than when wearing normal shoes, the effect on cellulite is really dependant on muscle development and body fat. Both of these objectives are better accomplished in the gym with regular and less expensive cross-training or running shoes.

Don't be discouraged just because so many cellulite products fail to deliver lasting results. There are many women enjoying the benefits of natural remedies to get rid of cellulite that are simple to implement and don't cost much.

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